You live in a city…but can it be more efficient, safer, healthier…smarter?

The answer is yes. From traffic congestion to public safety and waste management, SCS can add ‘smarts’ to existing city infrastructure, to address a multitude of issues facing modern urban centres. With our multi-application network services and our portfolio of smart networks and partners – we reliably deliver digital-enabled ecosystems for thriving connected communities.

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Our Smart City solutions integrate devices and data to drive civic and governance decision-making, and also create networks of partners among governments, businesses, non-profits, community groups, universities, and hospitals to expand and improve the ability to serve citizens.

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We bring smart cities to life

From remote controlled lighting that automatically switches on and off, dims or brightens as needed, to Wi-Fi hotspots that attract residents and businesses alike, smart city installations will pay for themselves many times over.

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Discover how the Shuffle can help you create bright and secure environments

Thanks to the modular design of this lighting-based column, a first-to-market for Schréder, it can integrate a range of energy-efficient outdoor lighting modules with state-of-the-art security equipment and software.

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