At SCS we breathe life into a city’s sleeping infrastructure resources, waking them up to connect intelligently and work seamlessly for the benefit of the people who live there.

With a solid foundation of 50+ years in the Australia & New Zealand market and a global heritage stretching back over a century, Sylvania Schréder is committed to enhancing life’s experiences through creating innovative and sustainable solutions across multiple sectors. With a proven track record of being able to switch on a city and give it smarts, our canopy of intelligent IoT devices, systems and technologies deliver high value solutions that address urban challenges, drive economic progress, improve liveability and provide an ongoing return on investment.

In April 2020, Schréder Group acquired Sylvania, allowing us to leverage Schréder’s global experience and technology.

Schréder has built a new hub of excellence in Lisbon, Schreder-Hyperion, that aims to position us amongst the global leaders of Smart City solutions. Schréder-Hyperion is building up a team that will further develop and commercialize its state-of-the-art Smart City products and systems.

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Why choose us?

Complex urban challenges require integrated, multi-application approaches.

Rather than lock you in to one solution, our partner agnostic approach provides the flexibility to draw on a range of services, applications and devices, independent of vendor. Through our integrated multi-application network services, we can ensure seamless interoperability between infrastructure and technology, delivering higher levels of control and flexibility for your smart city solution stack.

We also understand that the transition of a city into becoming Smart is dependent on a number of key factors including budget. Our end-to-end process provides cities with the flexibility to transition to a comprehensive infrastructure incrementally, adding on layers of ‘smartness’ as they go. This also means that we can help cities leverage emerging technologies and evolve with the needs of their population

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Our vision

SCS was born with a founding vision of transforming cities into smarter, more liveable communities.

Our multi-application network services have the unique ability to aggregate a wide range of connected and embedded IoT devices to provide relevant, accurate and real-time intelligence, regardless of partner or technology.

By working with you to understand your city’s unique needs, we can deliver solutions that will overcome even the toughest urban challenges, to ultimately make your city a better place in which to live.

Our partners

Ranging from advanced lighting solutions to smart mobility, our rich partner ecosystem allows us to seamlessly integrate a huge range of smart city solutions across your existing infrastructure, communication networks, devices and applications. We deliver solutions for the smart cities of tomorrow.

Our Industry partners