Our Smart City Solutions

Our Smart City solutions integrate devices and data to drive civic and governance decision-making, and also create networks of partners among governments, businesses, non-profits, community groups, universities, and hospitals to expand and improve the ability to serve citizens.

No matter what your specific urban challenges are, our vendor agnostic approach allows us to source the right technology to maximise your city’s efficiency, performance and livability.

Transforming the humble streetlight into the foundation of your smart city

We give you the means to make this vision a reality by harnessing the potential of your unutilised infrastructure resources. We do this by enabling technology innovation across a complete range of city systems, including smart mobility and lighting, intelligent metering, environmental sustainability and interactive communications.


  • LED

  • Lighting Controls

  • Motion Sensors

The ability to remotely control LED lights to turn them on and off, flash, dim and more, helps cities save energy, lower costs, reduce maintenance, while also improving pedestrian and cyclist safety. The use of a wireless networked streetlighting system however, goes well beyond lighting, becoming the backbone for IoT applications and a whole world of smarts.


  • Air quality monitors

  • Water meters

  • Energy meters

  • Gas meters

To help deliver smart grid networks, we enable a range of sophisticated advanced metering devices for electricity, water and gas. These devices provide extensive real-time data and analytics about utilisation and consumption of these mission critical smart city resources


  • Parking

  • Vehicle counters

  • People counters

  • EV charging stations

The problems of traffic congestion and pollution are addressed through a range of smart mobility solutions, including our smart parking application and monitoring solutions for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.a whole world of smarts.


  • Interactive Displays

  • WiFi

  • Cameras

From creating Wi-Fi hot spots and the ability to make emergency calls, through to digital signage that can be used for public messages or even new advertising revenue streams, we can integrate urban interactive communication technology to deliver a range of services and experiences.

When it comes to integration, we believe in freedom of choice…

Complex urban challenges require integrated, multi-application approaches. Rather than lock you in to one solution or network, our partner agnostic approach provides the flexibility to draw on a range of services, applications and devices, independent of vendor. Through our integrated multi-application network services, we can ensure seamless interoperability between infrastructure and technology, delivering higher levels of control and flexibility for your smart city solution stack.

This is further strengthened by an ecosystem of networking products that include endpoint devices such as smart sensors and light point controllers, interpreters, and interface management units, as well as network equipment such as edge routers, bridges, access points (APs) and relays.partners among governments, businesses, non-profits, community groups, universities, and hospitals to expand and improve the ability to serve citizens.