It’s time to become future-ready

We live in exciting times as technology opens up a whole new world of opportunities. In order for our cities to make the most of these opportunities however, and to accommodate the growing needs and challenges of citizens, they need to evolve. Smart cities and urban spaces are essential for our future economic growth, environmental sustainability and quality of life.

Local councils

Local governments and the wider public sector are in a position to deliver real outcomes for their citizens by embracing the smart cities and communities movement.

Forward thinking policy makers recognise that the key to smart city planning is in identifying the needs and opportunities of its population and harnessing the power of technology accordingly.

Through our tailored approach we can help local councils lead the way in delivering knowledge-based, connected and sustainable communities that drive growth, employment, innovation, accessibility; and attract residents, businesses and visitors


Utilities are perfectly placed to play an important role in the evolution of smart cities.

Through existing infrastructure, such as streetlights, distribution poles and meters, and valuable data, including energy usage, electric vehicle charging, geospatial facilities and topography, you can take smart city services to the next level.

Our multi-application network solutions can help you leverage your full range of unique capabilities to dramatically improve the lives of people in your communities and position you as a smart city leader.

Project consultants

“Smart” infrastructure and community projects like new motorways, tunnels, stadiums and sports fields are becoming the gold standard in today’s commercial construction world, and demands for increased building efficiency, sustainability and a connected lifestyle for residents.

We work closely with contractors, architects, owners and tenants to incorporate a range of smart building technologies including environmental controls, communications interfaces, video surveillance, energy conservation and maintenance management. Through our integrated platform, we’ll take care of all the critical systems behind the scenes, to create environments that maximise operational and energy efficiencies and respond intelligently to the needs of all stakeholders.

University campuses

The “intelligent campus” is becoming a crucial asset for universities and colleges in the drive to provide students with a safer and more enhanced experience.

From sensor lighting, Wi-Fi and emergency call capabilities to intelligent monitoring of movement, water, waste, energy and noise, we can design solutions that incorporate existing infrastructure to help institutions gather valuable data, reduce energy costs, optimise resource management and provide a better experience for students and staff.

Main Roads

The urban thoroughfare with its motorways and freeways are the nerves which connect cities and communities across cities, towns and remote regions. The movement of goods, people and livestock need to happen safely and without interruptions. Lighting is a vital element for these busy roads, providing visual clarity for safe driving, and any breakdown of the lights can create a dangerous situation if it is not attended quickly. Road lighting equipped with a reliable Smart Control system can provide instant alerts and notifications to officials in real time to fix issues. SCS can also provide dynamic lighting solutions in combination with these Smart controls to provide lighting-on-demand, and reduce the light glow when there is no traffic around.


Hotels and Motels with a constant flow of guests are always looking for ways for smart systems that can increase the loyalty of their guests, as well as provide a memorable experience during their stay. Foot count at different locations within the premise can provide data on the usage and popularity of different spaces at various times. The Smart People counter can provide this data without disclosing the identity of the clients. Apart, Electric cars are gaining momentum, and EV charging will provide access to guests who may have driven in their electric cars. SCS provides an end to end solutions package for the hospitality industry in various segments.


Hospitals are a busy place providing care and relief to people round the clock. The flow of people is constant, and they require access to facilities, to help them transit through their time at the hospital. Smart parking and dynamic lighting provides them the ease to move quickly, as they arrive stressed to the hospital. Other smart technologies like Wi-Fi connectivity help people stay connected to their families and friends and communicate with ease. SCS can help hospitals with smart integrated solutions to make the experience of hospital visits a smoother one.