Comlight AS announces that Sylvania Connected Solutions has been appointed distributor for its motion-based street lighting systems. Sylvania Connected Solutions is part of Gerard Lighting, who are the largest lighting manufacturer and distributor in the combined Australian and New Zealand markets. 

Comlight provides the Eagle Eye product range, utilizing advanced radar detectors and inter-pole communication giving pedestrians and drivers light when and where it is needed. The system is optimized for energy-saving LED street lights. The system includes optional power measurement, GPS support, traffic counting and speed detection functions.

“Having Sylvania Connected Solutions as the Comlight partner for the Australian and New Zealand markets is a perfect match”, says Siri. B. Damsleth, CEO of Comlight. “Our products save energy while reducing negative environmental impacts, and we already have thousands of systems installed in Europe. We have great expectations for Motion Sensing Lighting Systems in Australia and New Zealand. Sylvania Connected Solutions has a well-developed distribution network, and we could not have wished for a better partner.”

“Sylvania Connected Solutions is privileged to be a partner for this leading Innovative, technology company from Europe” says George Verghese, Business Manager for Sylvania Connected Solutions. “This is our endeavor to bring the best of class in technology and innovation to our Smart Cities clients in Australia and New Zealand. We are already in the process of installing these systems at three different locations”

Comlight AS offers advanced and reliable motion sensing street lighting system. Comlight has already won a number of prizes for innovation and has garnered significant media coverage. Several thousand systems are already running in real life installations, giving us the experience to offer a robust, reliable and unique solution.

With a solid foundation of 40+ years in the Australian market and a global heritage streching back over a century, Sylvania Connected Solutions was born with a founding vision of transforming cities into smarter, more liveable communities. With a proven track record of being able to switch on a city and give it smarts, their cancopy of intelligent IOT Devices, systems and technologies deliver high value solutions that address urban challenges, drive economic progress, improve liveability and provide an ongoing return on Investment.